Welcome to my Wiki page.This semester will be teaching Grade 9 Sheltered Science, Grade 11 Biology and Grade 12 Biology

How Can YOU Be Successful in Class??

  • Always give your complete attention during the lesson. Take note of any hints that are provided in class time.
  • Keep your notes in order. Put the date on each new note and/or handout that you get from the teacher. Read over your notes daily.
  • Start studying for # tests a minimum of 1 week prior to the test. You will always be give one week's notice before each major test so that you can budget your study time.
  • If you are unclear of a concept, then do the following before you ask the teacher
    • review your class notes and textbook
    • ask another student in the class to help you
  • Keep track of work that you have missed carefully by communicating with other reliable class members. You are ultimately responsible for all materials covered in class even if you are not actually in class.